Our projects and innovations​

Discover our innovative projects that contribute to the sustainable development of our project.


A beekeeping school

In our real "Ilanga Academy", we organize training courses to learn, complete and improve the knowledge necessary for the noble profession of beekeeper.

Our floating beehives

Let's explore even more deeply the remote regions of Man. Our barges will be moored in the middle of a wild and immaculate flora and will certainly provide even more extraordinary honeys!

Our mobile honey factories

To ensure the lightest and least disruptive logistics, we collect our honeys with our mobile honey houses, which collect the honeys in one pass and bring them to our processing centers.


Our honey factories

Located in Antananarivo, Manakara and Fort-Dauphin, our honey factories allow us to control the production of honeys of impeccable quality.

An olive grove and a mill

Sardinia. Another majestic island. We have planted, among the sughero (cork oaks) and olive trees (wild olive trees), about 10,000 plants of several Tuscan varieties, including one forgotten. The combination of these varieties and the Sardinian soil produces a very special oil.