Quality is our priority

The choice and the respect of the raw materials for unique and authentic flavors, a production in all transparency and a controlled traceability.


Our values​

The essence of ILANGA NATURE is the quality of the product, a promise of unique and authentic flavors.

To achieve this, we have privileged rare origins and local producers for more than 60 savory and sweet references.

Excellence and craftsmanship are the basis of this responsible company, committed to people and their environment, which we respectfully protect, because we are indebted to nature.

We respect the natural rhythm of the seasons by actively contributing to the preservation of species.

We hope to contribute not only to the discovery of these places through their gastronomy and their natural wealth, but also to their development.

ILANGA NATURE attaches great importance to work ethics and respect for the requirements of fair trade and solidarity.

Our chart

1. We are committed to offering quality products, giving preference to rare origins and local producers.

2. We respect artisanal know-how and implement responsible and ethical practices in all our production processes.

3. We are aware of our impact on the environment and are committed to preserving natural resources, respecting the rhythm of the seasons and contributing to the preservation of species.

4. We support the sustainable development of the regions from which our products originate, ensuring that fair and supportive practices are in place.

5. We are committed to working with our suppliers to ensure respect for human rights and ethical labor standards.

6. We are committed to transparency in our supply chain and to providing our customers with clear and accurate information on the origin and characteristics of our products.

7. We are committed to developing lasting relationships with our customers, offering them quality products and meeting their expectations in an ethical and responsible manner.