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With the associations, our partners, let's act for Madagascar!

They trust us​

Ilanga Nature is also a partner of different humanitarian actors 
whose actions and values are in line with our commitments and vision.​

Our mission cannot succeed without the involvement of the population. This is why ENFANTS DU MONDE works in collaboration with an association in Antananarivo, EPAM (Ensemble Pour un Avenir Meilleur). Many people from various territories and with multiple skills have joined us. We are sowing seeds in every sense of the word. Let's bet that in a few decades, the red island will be on its way to becoming the green island it once was.

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries and most vulnerable to natural disasters. The cyclones and tropical storms that frequently hit the island plunge the country into a constant cycle of reconstruction and prevent families and communities from permanently escaping poverty. That's where we come in.

To provide help and assistance to young girls between the ages of 6 and 20, removed from their families for various abuses and all placed in the Koloina Home by order of the juvenile judge.

To welcome, educate, care for, enable access to a profession, promote integration into society and provide support after leaving the home.

We provide them with moral and physical security, access to health care and education, professional training and the necessary assistance to set up a business through microcredits, after studying their project. We accompany them until they are completely autonomous.


Because we believe that environmental preservation and social causes are best served through education, we regularly make donations and provide financial support to children.

In addition, we welcome students and apprentices who, at the end of their studies, decide to start beekeeping. Our training school in Fort-Dauphin takes care of them until the end and offers them a durable job.