Sponsor a beehive and enjoy some honey

Sponsor a hive today for a better tomorrow
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Imagine for a moment, a land without flowers or greenery. It is simply sad and desolate. However, this is what is likely to happen if we do not fight against the progressive disappearance of certain animal species, such as bees. Small, frivolous, but resolutely active to perpetuate the pollination of plants, we owe them a lot. And if we start by actively supporting their preservation, in the simplest way, by sponsoring a hive established in Madagascar. A colorful and tasty idea, because the sponsor will be able to taste the honey from his hive at home. And as he will have to take care of his children, he will have access at any time to information concerning his protégés. 

Sponsor a hive today for a better tomorrow

Amber, vanilla, fruity... so many words taken from the daily register to define the flavor of Madagascar honeys. This gustatory variety risks however to become extinct with the disappearance of the bees.
To remedy this, Ilanga Nature's ambition is to contribute to the preservation of bees and the maintenance of colonies. These small workers are indeed threatened to disappear in the absence of an adapted solution on the long term. For this, we have set up a system of hive sponsorship. It is offered to individuals and companies. You participate in perpetuating the history of the Big Island and its honeyed flavors. To do so, you just have to accept to become, in your turn, the sponsor of a beehive located in one of the cradles of beekeeping in Madagascar. The strength of this initiative is the involvement of all, the cohesion, the unwavering support to Mother Nature and the protection of bees.

Disappearance of bees: all concerned!

At Ilanga Nature, we want to combine business with pleasure. Useful, in the sense that the sponsorship will save entire colonies of bees. Pleasant, simply because we will all reap a healthier and more fertile Earth, for future generations.
The destruction of the flora is partly due to the gradual extinction of pollinating agents like bees. So, if you are concerned about what tomorrow will bring, about what would actually happen to our planet, don't hesitate for a moment. Where would we be without the help of these foraging insects! Rather than finding a solution at the last moment, let's anticipate the dangers together: help us and sponsor a hive. By doing so, you protect the bees and ensure that tomorrow the flowers will bear fruit and seeds to sow the earth again. The great cycle of life will continue thanks to your efforts. Moreover, you bring your share to the Malagasy economy, through the beekeeping and its melliferous production.

Privileges of being a hive sponsor

The hives offered for sponsorship are maintained by workers based in one of the beekeeping sites in Madagascar. Beyond the sense of duty towards the environment, the sponsorship of a hive offers you the opportunity to taste the honey produced by your hive. The honey will naturally come from the hive labeled in your name and that you jealously protect.

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